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Sharon Berg worked as an elementary school teacher until she retired in 2016. She has a B.A. in Native Studies (Laurentian, 1991); B.Ed. (OISE/U of T 1992); Certificate in Magazine Journalism (Ryerson 1995); an M.Ed. (York 1998); and D.Ed. (UBC 2001). Her poetry appears in journals across Canada and in the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, and Australia. She also has stories in the Fiddlehead, Quarry, and Two Hawks Quarterly. She is currently writing a full-sized book called The Name Unspoken: Wandering Spirit Survival School, which is a narrative history of the first Native Way school in Canada. 

2017  The Name Unspoken: Wandering Spirit 
         Survival School. Chapter 11. Alternative 
         Schooling: Canadian Stories of Democracy 
         within Bureaucracy. Editors: Nina Bascia, 
         Esther Fine & Malcolm Levin.
The Great Hoop Dance: An Essay and 
          Poems. Big Pond Rumours Press.
Video Poems:
Personal Myths. video & poem created by 
          Sharon Berg (YouTube) http://

Oracle: Lucid Dreaming. video & poem 
          created by Sharon Berg (YouTube) http://

Audio Releases:
Sharon Berg: re-published audio recordings, 
          Big Pond Rumours Press. (poetry)
Black Moths. Ottawa: Public Energies Inc. (audio tape/ performance poetry) 
Tape 5.  Ottawa: Gallery 101 Productions. 
          (audio tape/ performance poetry)
Black Moths. Acton: Big Pond Rumours 
          Press. (poetry chapbook)
The Body Labyrinth. Toronto: Coach House
          Press. (poetry book)                                                                      
Pineapple Cheese. Toronto: One Finger 
          Press. (children’s verse & songs)
To A Young Horse. Ottawa: Borealis Press. (poetry book)

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