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All work that appears on this website or in the magazines is copyright to the

various authors & illustrators as they are credited.

Our E-Zine appears online twice a year,

in the Summer (late July/early August) and

Winter (late January/early February).

Deadlines are:

June 30th for the Summer issue and

December 30th for the Winter Issue.


The author retains copyright of their work. However, we reserve first international publication rights. We also reserve the right to publish any work submitted to the magazine in a future Big Pond Rumours Anthology in print publication format. We accept the following:

 quality poems and short stories

 essays on poetics or creative writing

 biographic essays about

established poets and prose artists

 book reviews

 photographs to accompany essays or bios

 original illustrations and artwork




 Cover letter with name, address, phone #

and a working email address.

 A note detailing your previous periodical

and/or book publications.

 Your city and country for contributor notes.

 A photograph for the contributors' page.




You can submit any time but expect quicker

responses to your submission in the months:


November and December for the Winter issue

Deadline: December 31st


May and June for the Summer issue

Deadline: June 30th



Calling all


Submit your cover and internal art work at no charge by email.