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From its inception in 2006, Big Pond Rumours has

released two issues a year (Winter and Summer).

Individual authors retain copyright of their work as we assume only first international publication rights.


What is your mandate?


We’ve always viewed the Zine as a vehicle of support for writers, who usually receive little by way of

compensation for their efforts. While it was begun with an E-Zine and print version that were released simultaneously—and prizes—neither the print version of the magazine or the contest can be sustained. However, the E-Zine continues and plays a role in publishing—and now reviewing—international authors.



We respond in 3 or 4 months


You can submit any time but expect quicker

responses to your submission in the months:


November and December for the Winter issue

Deadline: December 31st


May and June for the Summer issue

Deadline: June 30th


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