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2017 publications
















You Can’t Make the Sky

a Different Blue

20 poems

by Nelson Ball


2nd Place Winner

released May 2017


Nelson Ball uses his brand of minimalism to paint his take on a variety of subjects.

















Haiku for my Father

23 haiku poems

by Harold Feddersen


3rd Place Winner

to be released August 2017


Harold Feddersen offers a

series of haiku to present this touching portrait of his father.















2017 publications
















Channeling the Masters

17 satirical poems

by Bob Wakulich


1st Place Winner

released April 2017


Bob Wakulich escorts the reader on a unique journey that visits the writing of 17 masters of the craft of poetry.



















Drawing from Experience

17 poems

by Debbie Okun Hill


3rd Place Winner

to be released July 2017


Debbie Okun Hill has written a collection of ekphrastic poems that present her impression of various works of art.














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